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If you need a space for coffee, food, relaxation then our bar-restaurant and its garden is the perfect place for you. It opens daily from 09:30 AM until late at night and offers moments of peace and relaxation away from the noise of the city. Our menu includes traditional pies, seasonal traditional dishes, as well as various snacks. In the restaurant is daily served the breakfast for the room guests.

εστιατόριο μονοπάτι Λέχοβο
μονοπατι λεχοβο.JPG
καφε μονοπάτι.JPG
Λέχοβο - εστιατόριο μονοπάτι
Image by Önder Örtel

The ideal way to start your day...


Start your day with a continental breakfast which includes some local specialties, it's included with the overnight price. We serve it in the bar-restaurant from 08:30 in the morning until 10:30.

Here are some of the options you that your breakfast consists of.

  • Juices 

  • Greek or filter coffee

  • Fruits

  • Local honey and jams

  • Traditional pies and trachanas

  • Omelettes, fried or boiled eggs

  • Meats, sliced cheese

  • Bread and Baked Goods / Pastries

πρωινό ξενώνας μονοπάτι.JPG
μονοπάτι πρωινό.JPG
τραπέζι με πρωινό.JPG
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